Nearest station: Odawara Station (Odakyu Line, JR Line, Tokaido Shinkansen)


Address: 1-2-3 Minami-cho, Odawara-shi, Kanagawa




It is 3 minutes from Odawara Castle and Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine.

About 15 minutes by car from Hakone-Yumoto Station.


About 13 minutes on foot from Odawara Station East Exit (Lasca side), about 5 minutes by bus


(You can use any bus bound for Hakone: 3 minutes from bus stop "Hakoneguchi")


Buses leave frequently from the central station roundabout.


On rainy days, it is convenient to take the bus.


If you are walking, you can enter the address on your mobile Google Map and come by that route,


The following directions are also around the same time. It's a little confusing, so please pay attention to the points.


< about 15 minutes on foot from Odawara Station>


(1) Take the road on the right side of the roundabout → Odawara Station East Exit (Lasca side), pass "Minaka Odawara" → end up to "Asahioka High School".

(2) Cross the traffic light in front of Asahioka High School→ turn right and continue uphill. (Please note that if you use GoogleMap's directions, you will turn left)

(3) Just after Asahioka High School→ go off the road and enter Odawara Castle Ruins Park on your left. (Be careful, as it is easy to overlook.) )

(4) The park is uphill for a while, so continue to the castle at the end. (On the way, there is one road that goes down on the right, but go straight)

(5) When you reach the end, go down the slope on your right→ after a while, you will come to a children's amusement park.

(6) Further down the slope→ there is a torii gate at the back entrance of Ninomiya Sontoku Shrine, so go through it and proceed to the end of the shrine.

(7) You can see the worship hall on your right, so turn left and go straight on the approach→ past Kinjiro Cafe and go down the stairs→ past the shrine parking lot and go through to the torii gate at the main gate. (I'll be there in about 3 minutes!) )

(8) Cross Torii-mae Road (please be careful because there is no pedestrian crossing) → enter the narrow alley on the right side of the Fujitana temporary parking lot.


If you are coming from the Sports Hall direction, turn left in the narrow alley past the temporary parking lot.

(9) Go straight while looking at the green fence of the parking lot on your left

If you proceed until the end of the wall, there is a downhill alley on the left after two houses on the left and turn left.

(10) The shop is on the left two houses away.


* If you get lost on the day, please call us immediately.

It is convenient to use the bus on rainy days.


By < bus, it takes about 8 minutes>

You can take Odawara Station East Exit (3), (4) (5) bus to any bus in the direction of Hakone. There are quite a few of them.



(1) Get off at "Hakone Exit" on National Route 1. (The ride takes about 5 minutes.) )

野菜ごはんの店 青麦(あおむぎ)