Yasai no Gohan    AOMUGI

Vegan and vegetarian food restaurant    AOMUGI

It will open in Odawara (Kanagawa Prefecture) on Saturday, November 11, 2023.

Our concept is "Pre-symptomatic state and dietary education".

The contents are simple and simple, but we have prepared a "healthy set meal for everyday use" that can be eaten by people  who want to be conscious of their health and those who are suffering from cancer or other illnesses.


If you make a reservation for a gluten-free meal or a salt-free meal for people with wheat allergies, we will prepare a meal that suits them.

The chef prepares the food with utmost care. Also, the number of daily dishes is limited. It will be in order of reservation, including takeout.

Please come as early as possible.

Located on the bank of Odawara Castle, a 3-minute walk from Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine. From Odawara Station, it's a very pleasant walk on a sunny day, so please take your time and enjoy the walk. For those who find it difficult to walk, buses that depart frequently from the station are convenient.


The chef prepares the food with utmost care. Also, the number of daily dishes is limited. It will be in order of reservation, including takeout.


If you do not have a reservation, we may keep you waiting or refuse you, so please make a reservation as much as possible or come with plenty of time.

Animal products, dairy products and eggs are not used

We use fresh vegetables from Odawara and Izu, and try to use local production for local consumption. We offer simple set meals that you will want to eat every day.

good quality Japanese seasoning

We mainly use seasonings made with traditional Japanese manufacturing techniques.

natural vegan sweets

We offer simple vegan sweets. It is also possible to use the cafe only. Enjoy with home-grown herbal tea, drip coffee, seasonal juice, alcohol, etc.

※The store also sells natural and organic foods.


〇 Weekly set meal: 1,300 yen

〇Vegan burger set meal 1,300 yen (reservation required)

〇Vegetable soup and bread set meal 1,300 yen (reservation required)

(*Large amount +200 yen)


  A la carte:

〇 Garlic salad 450 yen

〇 Soy Sauce Koji and Tofu: 250 yen



Coffee/tea: from 500 yen each

Homemade herbal tea 500 yen

Beer and white wine: from 500 yen


Various sweets

Various 500 yen ~

〇 Ordered set meal (reservation required): 1,800 yen. Currently, takeout is available on non-business days. Please order by email.

Gluten-free, wheat-allergenic, no-salt diet, low-sugar diet, dietary restrictions, meals for people with cancer and other illnesses, and baby food. Please contact us.

  If there are many reservations on the lunch business day, we may not be able to accept it.

Takeout is also available other than business days, so please contact us.

We mainly use high-quality rapeseed oil, sesame oil, and olive oil for our regular dishes. Fried food is popular because it doesn't make your stomach too heavy,

For those who are recovering from cancer or other illnesses, we do not use oil or sweeteners as much as possible, or we mainly use omega-3 oils such as olive oil and inca inch oil.

Example: Layered simmered Kuruma-fu, rice (brown rice or pounded rice), red bean pumpkin, warm vegetables and homemade sauce, daily pickles, vegetable soup




For customers with children, we are responding to takeout. The store is not wide, so thank you for your understanding.


Vegan and vegetarian food restaurant    AOMUGI


 1-2-3 Minamimachi, Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Business hours: 11:30-16:00 (last order 15:30)

Business days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday (regular holiday: Sunday, Monday, Thursday)

It may change depending on the month, so please check the website or Instagram before visiting.

Parking lot: Please use the nearby parking lot.


Take-out: Possible (Take-out and catering lunches are OK even on regular holidays depending on the date)

 Lunch box orders: Please contact us as we will respond even on regular holidays.


Simple English OK

Payment: cash only

Requests for reservations and inquiries


① Reservation on LINE

Please make reservations and inquiries from the add friend button → LINE talk below.


  Reservation by email



Note: Only for reservations on the day

Please call 0465-44-4944.


When making a reservation on line, please fill in your name, contact information, reservation date, time, and number of people.




(2) Cancellation fee for lunch (1300 yen/person) will be charged for same-day cancellations for groups of 5 or more.

野菜ごはんの店 青麦(あおむぎ)